Recapping Some of My Latest Work

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Recapping Some of My Latest Work

2020: New Clients, Fun Projects

This year I rounded the 10+ year benchmark in my career as a web-developer, designer, and marketer. Having done all these things extensively, I’ve been able to wrap design, programming, and marketing (i.e., compelling messaging within an actionable interface.) into a darn-fine set of skills, which I am quite proud of.

That said, let’s dive into how I’ve done that this year on some recent projects. Let’s check them out, shall we…

Project 1: Pregnancy Podcast

This project allowed me to help my client give some structure to a content-rich medium (a multi-year successful podcast) by creating an interactive interface that allows visitors to intuitively self-navigate.

One of the neatest features in this very feature-rich site is a sticky search bar with pre-suggested popular searches. The search bar uses Ajax asynchronous Javascript to search pre-cached content, showing you live search results without having to refresh the page:

Visit the Pregnancy Podcast website

Project 2: Dignity Law Group

Having worked on some larger law sites (Under an agency protected by an NDA.), I was well aware of all the stops to hit when dealing with users who are seeking legal assistance. In a word, you want to build TRUST. This is accomplished with obvious factors, like badges, and more subtle touches, such as typography and color scheme. Gravitas and confidence ooze out of this site.

One of my favorite features is a yelp-style testimonial page I created, which we included in the main nav:


The site must be a success – as it was designed to be – given the client has hired me to build three more sites for him this year.

Visit the Dignity Law Group website

Project 3: ASO Mammoth

This was a fun project. While pregnancy podcasts and law offices are great, a ski/snow/bike shop in the mountains is legit cool. We had to convey that in the design, so you felt the brand rather than like you were reading a boring brochure.

My favorite feature we added was the embedded instagram feed. With a business like this, pictures are worth so much more than words!

Visit the ASO Mammoth website

Project 4: LifeFood Medicinals

An LA based client who I have worked with for about 7 years now and built four prior sites for approached me regarding her new venture: a Canadian based Cannabis Company. Smells good to me. Now since this is a brand-new business, I was basically tasked with building their image from a short style guide with basically a color scheme and logos. The goal was to look credible and convey professionalism.

Since we really didn’t have any existing content at all to go off of, and therefore, no real features to offer, I focused on a simple design with multiple nodes that were concise, yet engaging. The key here was to use the design and the copy to capture the attention of the visitor: the brand is strong with this one. Sample screens below.

Visit LifeFood Medicinals

What’s Next?

I am working on a couple larger projects (All I can say is that one is a dating site and one is similar to AirBNB, but they are niche products). I always enjoy complex work, since it allows me to use my more technical skills, but at the end of the day, no matter what the features are, you have to build them within the right interface. You’ll notice these sites are all vastly different. The task is always creating the solution that best meets the needs of the problem. One size fits all is a surefire way to lose. You need an architect.

I’m currently ramping up my outreach to new clients, and I’m excited for the relationships I’ll build and the interfaces I’ll build too. Each new client is its own riddle for me to solve, and I love doing it.

If you’re reading this and would like to improve your business results, please contact me. I have a lot to offer my clients – new and old – and I’m proud to offer it.

Let’s make the rest of 2019 one for the books!

– Lawrence