The 4 Key Functions of an Effective Website

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The 4 Key Functions of an Effective Website


In choosing the topic for this best practices article, I wanted to return to the foundation of what business owners and decision makers need to focus on when evaluating their website.

These four areas are perhaps seemingly obvious; however, their function is oven overlooked due to poor execution (Planning, design, engineering).

By focusing on each of these areas individually, the collective result is that your website fulfills it’s capability to serve both customer needs and business goals.

1: Branding and Credibility

I begin with branding and credibility because regardless of how much traffic you have, if you fail to communicate strong branding via a modern, clean, well-designed interface, you fail to win customers. So, the most important aspect of your website’s purpose is branding and credibility.

The reason I place credibility with branding is because they go hand-in-hand. Branding and credibility are, in a sense, two sides of the same coin. And in order for your branding to be strong, you need to communicate credibility. Credibility is communicated via the quality and style of your website’s design and content, and via trust symbols and testimonials.

It’s important to remember that in today’s click-and-mortar world, your website is often the first touchpoint your customers have with your business. By strengthening your branding and credibility, you increase the percentage of visitors to your website who will choose to do business with your company, which brings us to our next point: converting visitors to customers.

2: Lead Generation / Sales

The second most important function of your website, after branding and credibility, is lead generation and sales. Without branding and credibility, you would fail to generate leads and sales for your business; however, much more than that goes into generating a lead or sale online.

In order to generate leads and sales online, you need to provide your visitors with a compelling user-experience that provides them with adequate motivation to call, fill out a form, or make a purchase.

This is where strategic marketing expertise comes into play. By combining strong calls to action with clear and compelling benefits, within an actionable user-interface, you create the conditions for a page that is designed to convert visitors into inbound calls and leads.

3: Usability

However, in order to generate leads and sales, you need to have a usable website. The best copywriter in the world isn’t going to help you if your website isn’t usable. Usability is also part of branding and credibility, so it’s one of the most important aspects of your company’s website.

By investing in your website’s user-experience, you elevate the quality of your online image above generic, copycat-style websites that fail to provide users with an actionable, self-navigable journey through your website.

4: Visibility / Web Traffic

The final and no-less important function of an effective website is visibility. This is achieved via a well-coded, search-engine optimized website, designed to increase your position in organic search for your target keywords.

Many websites fail to do this because they are not built with the proper attention to detail. Everything from image titles, to HTML tags, and site structure must be methodically and carefully developed so that your website is properly indexed and categorized within the major search engines.


In closing, it’s important to pay attention to each of these categories in the development and management of your website. Failing to accomplish one of these four key functions will stall your growth and ensure your biggest competitors sail past you. By focusing on the right factors for the future of your website, and by investing in the right talent, you’ll set your company up for record growth.

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